The Illinois LST Association has been very fortunate in being able to able to obtain manyadditional duplications of "Our Prairie Shipyard".

Published by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company after WWII ended, the book celebrates the construction of 157 LST's at their shipyard in Seneca, Illinois. If you sailed on a Seneca built LST this is a keepsake item you will not want to miss. If you sailed on any of the other 900 LST's the publication will take you back to the time when your LST was built. The book is filled with Official Navy photos of the construction, and launching of LST's, built on what once was a cornfield along the banks of the Illinois River

We have sufficient books to handle all requests. Send your requests to:

Illinois LST Association

6144 West 79th St.

Burbank, IL 60459

We do ask that you send a donation to our scholarship fund along with your request. Please make your checks payable to the Illinois LST Association Scholarship Fund. We also ask that you write "Prairie Shipyard" in the lower right hand corner of your envelope.


Several years ago, Norman Esbrook of LSTs 450 & 934 wrote a book about his experiences in an LST engine room during World War II. Norman self-published the book because he wished to share his experiences with the thousands of others who served on LST's as well as those with an interest in the wartime activities of LST's in general and LST "black Gangs" in particular. He named his book THE BLACK GANG...(LST).

Unfortunately, shortly after the publication of his book, Norman passed away. His son Rodney, an honorary member of the Illinois LST Association, generously donated the printed copies left by his father, to the Illinois LST Association. The Illinois Association has made copies of the book available to anyone requesting a copy. In return, the Association has asked only that the requester make a donation to the Illinois LST Association scholarship fund.

A reprinting of Norman Esbrook's book has been made and sufficient books are now available to supply anyone requesting a copy. We do ask that requests are accompanied by a donation to the Illinois LST Association Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to own a copy, send your request (and check) to:

Illinois LST Association

6144 W. 79th Street

Burbank, IL 60459-1257


Please write "Black Gang" in the lower left hand corner of your envelope.

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