The National Archives , 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 can supply almost anything you might wish to know about your LST. Following is a sample of the type of information that is available:


1. Deck Logs: 1941 - 1961: Brief record of the daily administrative activities of the ship....includes journal style entries of the ship's administrative activities, location and course of travel, etc. (You need to provide the name of the ship, date(s) of interest, & the ship's hull number. The cost is $0.25 per page, LST's typically list 45 pages per month.


2. Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries: WW2 through 1966...consists of quarterly reports of a ship/unit's enlisted personnel with monthly updates of personnel changes. Contains the names, rank/ratings, and service numbers of the individual servicemen. It comes in the form of microfilm (16mm) paper copies are not available. costs $25.00 per roll. Each LST would have its own microfilm roll.


3. Casualty report: Includes casualty lists, reports of incidents resulting in casualties, statements of witnesses or survivors, and other documents..You must supply the name of the ship, hull number, name of operation/battle/campaign, and dates.


4. Action report: Materials represent the basic source of reports for naval actions/operations during WW2. Need same information as listed above.


5. War Diaries: Daily journals of events submitted by all but the most minor of naval commands during WW2. Operational information they contain is complementary to information provided by action reports...Analogous to the form in the deck logs of navy ships. Supply same information as listed above to get information.


6. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships...Contains 1 - 3 page description of ship, hull number, dates of construction and launch, dates of commissioning/ decommissioning, narrative of major activities, and information on the purchase/sale, scrapping. Need to submit hull number and general dates of ships service.


Several other types of information can also be obtained. Space does not permit listing all here.


LST ship plans and photos can also be obtained from the archives.

The number to call for plans is: 301-713-7030

to call for photo information: 301-713-6625


To obtain information from historical muster rolls or deck logs, write to the appropriate repository given below:




For muster rolls from 1801 to 1938 or for deck logs from 1801 to 1940, write to:


National Archives

Archives I

Washington, D.C. 20408





For muster rolls from 1939 to 1966 or for deck logs from 1941 to 1961, write to:


National Archives

Archives II

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, Md. 20740-6001





For muster rolls for the period 1967 through 1975, write to:


Department of the Navy

Bureau of Naval Personnel (PERS-093)

Washington DC., 20370-0920





For muster rolls for the period 1976 through the present, write to:


Commanding Officer

Enlisted Personnel Management Center (Code 311)

New Orleans, La. 70159-7900

ATTN: Personnel Accounting





For deck logs from July 1962 through the present, write to:


Naval Historical Center (DL)

Washington Navy Yard

901 M Street S.E.

Washington DC., 20374-5060





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