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“The Visitor” was our first project to work on.
 We had a wonderful experience working with a
 great team.

“Whirlwind” describes this project to a T. Tim approached Beecher and Ezra with the idea for the film on Wednesday, October 17th. The team was very excited about the project, but there was a catch - the submission deadline for the film was October 31st. We had exactly two weeks to finalize the story outline, write the script, find actors, procure equipment, and find a location where we could shoot.

There were some who doubted whether we could get the film done on time. However, we were determined to push through with the project and try to complete production because we believed that the message in “The Visitor” was important to share with people. By the weekend following the 17th, we had the story and most of the script written, but we were still on the lookout for actors. Exactly one week after Tim had come to Beecher and Ezra with the story, we had several actors, and had finalized filming locations. We were going to attempt something adventurous (at least we called it adventurous. Some might call it crazy) that upcoming Saturday (the 27th) - shoot a six-and-a-half minute short film in one day.

Saturday dawned a beautiful crisp autumn morning, and we were ready to shoot. By 1:00, we had filmed all of the interior shots, but had the exterior scenes still to do, with a small problem. Our two actors who begin the story were missing. “Missing” is putting it lightly - they were nonexistent. After a prayer, our team called up two young men, who were (amazingly) available for the afternoon, and graciously volunteered their time (one of them stayed until the evening to do our voiceover for the story). Shooting wrapped at 7:00 that evening, and we were thrilled! However, there wasn’t much time for celebration - it was time to go into crunch editing mode. There were four days until the deadline.

The next morning, we spoke with a young man at church who composes music. Incredibly, he had a clip for us that evening! Tim spent the next four days editing like a madman - he is a dedicated director! He pulled several all-nighters.

Tim finished editing Wednesday the 31st, (he had even sacrificed much of his birthday the day before to get the film in its final stages) and submitted the film to the SAICFF!

This project couldn’t have happened without the involvement of many people. We would like to thank our Broch productions team, and all our cast and crew, as well as our parents. Thank y’all! Also, thank you to the many people who prayed for us! Most importantly, we would like to give thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave us the strength to complete The Visitor!

The Visitor